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A Guide to Travelling with Hearing Aids

If you are planning a trip, you may be worried about packing and caring for your hearing aids. However, travelling with hearing aids is easy with the right preparation. Read on to learn five essential tips that will help make your journey stress-free and enjoyable.

Tip #1: Wear Your Hearing Aids During the Flight

Aeroplane cabins are loud and reverberant, making it difficult to understand conversations without hearing aids. That's why it's important to wear them during your flight. You do not need to turn them off when the flight crew requests electronics be switched off during take-off or landing.

Tip #2: Bring Extra Supplies

Be sure to pack a few extra items in case something goes wrong with your hearing aid while on vacation. This includes an extra pair of hearing aids (if possible), cleaning supplies, extra batteries, wax guards and tubing if necessary. Storing these items in different places will ensure that you still have backups available if one bag gets lost or stolen. Plus, having spare supplies means that you won't have to worry about finding replacements during your trip.

Tip #3: Keep Your Hearing Aids Dry at All Times

Moisture is a big enemy of hearing aids, so it's important to keep them well protected from water when travelling. Be sure to keep them away from pools and ocean waves, as even a small splash can cause permanent damage. If you're going somewhere where moisture is unavoidable (like a beach), invest in a waterproof case or dryer box, so your devices stay safe and dry at all times.

Tip #4: Keep Your Hearing Aids Securely Attached

When travelling, it's easy for hearing aids to get misplaced or lost in the shuffle of moving around from place to place — especially if they're not securely attached. To prevent this from happening, use clips or lanyards specifically designed for holding hearing aids in place safely when not in use.

Tip #5: Know What Services Are Available at Your Destination

Before leaving on your trip, research what services may be available at your destination if something does happen with your hearing aid. This could include locating nearby audiological services or finding out what type of assistance may be offered by local government agencies or organisations dedicated to helping those with disabilities while travelling abroad. Knowing all this information beforehand will help give you peace of mind before setting off on your journey — allowing you to enjoy each experience fully.

With these five tips in mind, travelling with hearing aids is no longer intimidating — it can be an enjoyable experience. If you would like to find out more, speak with your hearing aid supplier today.