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Reasons Why Sensitive Sports Tape Is Not Solely Designed for Athletes

While you may have come across a few athletes sporting adhesive tape on their bodies, both in neutral as well as colourful hues, you could be under the impression that this body tape is specifically manufactured for individuals that have an active lifestyle, but you would be mistaken.

Certainly, sensitive sports tape may have gained popularity among the athletic community, but the medical properties that it provides have made it a viable treatment for an array of symptoms that one could develop. This article touches on three reasons why sensitive sports tape is not solely designed for athletes.

Sensitive sports tape to support weakened pelvic muscles

Weakened pelvic muscles is a common issue that expectant women develop because their pelvic floor undergoes excessive stretching to make sure that the growing baby is accommodated comfortably. While the stretching and subsequent weakening is unavoidable in many cases, it can lead to unwanted symptoms such as chronic discomfort and decreased mobility. If these symptoms are adversely affecting your quality of life, you can purchase sensitive body tape to provide your pelvic floor with the support that it needs.

Strategically applied onto the pregnant belly, the sensitive sports tape can lift your abdomen, and this relieves the pressure exerted onto the muscles and joints. As a result, you are less vulnerable to pelvic muscle fatigue. You should also know that you can use sensitive body tape on your lower back for reinforced support during your pregnancy.

Sensitive sports tape to mitigate inflammation

Although some people presume that inflammation is a medical disorder on its own, the reality is that this is your body's natural response to an infection. Hence, inflammation is much more than redness in the affected area. Rather, it also can manifest as swelling, pain and heat at the affected site. Keeping that in mind, you should also note that inflammation is not limited to athletes. You can develop inflammation from a mechanical injury, surgery and more.

Sensitive body tape is ideal for relieving the symptoms associated with inflammation since it has lifting capabilities. When applied to the skin, the sensitive body tape gently lifts the surface, and this creates room to allow the circulation of lymphatic fluid that has accumulated and led to the swelling. Moreover, the pressure relief created by the sensitive body tape allows for oxygenated blood to rush to the damaged tissue, which facilitates faster recovery from the underlying injury.